Finally there is a tool to share data with the smartphone...


... without having to install an APP, without the requirement of a subscription, no cloud service, fast and easy to use.


It is only required, that (a) your cell phone and your desktop computer is  logged into the same network and (b) the network does not restrict the connection between participants (this means it shall not be a "guest" network). When using Windows the network must be marked as "Privat", not as public.


BroadcastfotoARRAY Broadcast



In the Share dialog you can select the working mode. This is done by selecting one of the templates.


Note: Click right on the Broadcast symbol to open the context menu. In case this is required here you can select a different port and manually enter the IP address of the computer.


UniversalThis template creates a switchable image gallery with overview and slideshow mode.


TableSimple HTML table for the images. Additionally the download of the original pictures can be activated..


Grouped by YearHere the images are grouped by years. Additionally the download of the original image data can be activated.


OverviewHere small previews are shown, a click opens the large version.


Pick Any FileHere an open dialog is shown, where you can select a number of images or other data. Download links are then displayed on the mobile device.

This template is started when fotoARRAY is started with the command line -share (+ optional passing of filenames). The freeEdition includes this function only as a demo.


Receive UploadAn HTML5 upload form is displayed. Selected files will then be transferred to the upload folder of fotoARRAY. The freeEdition includes this function only as a demo.


dot_dot_btn        Select a directory containing the files and the template definition for a gallery. This function requires the licensed edition of fotoARRAY.


export_btn  Starts the export as HTML gallery. (not in the free edition)


start_share_en  Starts sharing the data. After the click, a QR code will be displayed. Take a picture it with a QR reader (or Google search) to launch the web browser with a URL that displays the image gallery generated by fotoARRAY.


It is required that the mobile device is logged into the same network as the device running fotoARRAY. Furthermore, the firewall must have been informed that fotoARRAY is allowed to share data online. This consent is given only once on Windows. If it is denied, this feature will not work. Then you have to open the Windows firewall settings and to delete the rules for fotoARRAY. Windows will then ask you again so that you can share the feature with private networks. We do not recommend sharing on public networks.


Sharing does not work if the computer is logged into the WIFI and the cell phone is logged into the mobile network or a guest WIFI. Sharing also does not work in a mobile network, i.e. if you have activated the hotspot function in the cell phone.



While fotoARRAY Broadcast is active, C will not add images to an album but to the list of images which are currently being shared.


Note: The context menu of the broadcast icon can be used to select the port that will be used for the connection.