Security Considerations


While fotoARRAY shares images with a mobile device, it works similar to a web server. This web server can be accessed by knowing the local address of your computer. However, nothing is transmitted without first providing the always changing random password contained in the QR code. Normally the web server cannot be accessed via the internet, because WLAN routers prevent access. Only if you explicitly enabled access in the router, access from the Internet would be possible. However, the data transfer in the local network is not encrypted.


Theoretically, it would be possible that someone by listening to the data traffic can record the images and other data, as well as the password. Please consider this when using this feature. (Unfortunately it is not possible to encrypt the traffic, because this would require a "trusted" internet certificate, which of course cannot be embedded in a program).


The fotoARRAY broadcast system is designed for increased security so that only the data that you have selected for it can be retrieved. It is therefore not possible to retrieve arbitrary images, but only the data that you have approved for it. The web server is only active when while the fotoARRAY Broadcast dialog is open and the respective icon is displayed in red color.


Please note that the broadcast templates partly rely on external libraries loaded from content delivery networks. Templates may also contain external google fonts. These may no longer be used on publicly accessible websites. With the licensed version you can use your own customized templates.