Search images


To find images in the archive, there are several possibilities in fotoARRAY. By clicking on the respective entries in the view of the hard disk directories, certain images can be brought into the display in order to compare them there and to find desired motifs.

If it is known on which days the images you are looking for were taken, they can be found quickly using the filter function.

Click on the function field for the filter dialog to open the same.

Now select "Date" in the selection field and click on the plus to create a filter for day and time. If in the filter dialog, the selection field for toolbar is activated in the lower left, then the filter field is also created in the toolbar in the main window.

In the assigned input field, you can now enter the date of the day you are looking for. For more options, please see the documentation on filters.


The timeline can also be used to copy images by shooting date. First select the directory or directories from which you want to select images and switch to the timeline by clicking on the tabs. Here you will see entries for all years, months and days for which images are available in the current view. Just click on the dates for which you want to see images. You can now assign keywords to these images by clicking on the checkboxes in the keyword tree view.