The panel for keywords works very similar to the one for albums.




albums_collection_item So keywords can also be marked to make them collections for other entries.


keyword_id_list It is also possible to assign images from a list of identifiers to a keyword.  


It is also possible, using the context menu, to display only a selection of keywords, and hide the others until this function is turned off or the program is terminated. The database export function also respects this setting.


Unlike albums, keywords do not have the function to mark an entry as the current entry. Instead, all keywords have an associated checkbox. This checkbox indicates the status of whether the currently selected image(s) use this keyword. Thus, the checkbox is checked if all images have the keyword, it is displayed empty if this is not the case for any image, and expanded if the state is not consistent for the images.

You can assign or un-assign a keyword by clicking the checkbox.


Similar to the feature with albums, images are selected based on which entries are currently selected. Unlike with albums, however, with keywords it is also possible to require an AND condition.


If this is activated, then only images are displayed to which all selected keywords are assigned.


While the timeline is displayed, it is not possible to change the selection of the displayed images via the keyword panel. This restriction is not for technical reasons, but to make it easier to assign keywords by clicking on the checkboxes without accidentally changing the image selection.




In the overview display various information can be shown. These are not only file type, date, stars but can also be colors and symbols assigned to associated albums and keywords. This allows to quickly check if an image already has a certain keyword or if it is included in a certain album.


Click on the X to remove the symbols and colors from all selected items.

Select a symbol from the first drop down or paste any unicode symbol. On Windows you can press WINDOWS+. to open the emoticon editor to insert a symbol.

Select a color from the second drop down to highlight an album or keyword. Select the color white, to remove any assignment.