As described in theprevious, simple example, a template needs a special loop variable.  The name IMAGELOOP is not fixed here, but it is important that loop="1" is listed in the parameters. There can be several loop variables in a theme.xml, e.g. one to add a JavaScript and one for the HTML file.

However, the name may only contain the letters A-Z and may not be longer than 30 characters. This was defined to recognize template variables (e.g. <!--%IMAGELOOP%-->) more secure in the source files.


The images are included with Inline-Variables.


These are used in the content of the special tags.

The following inline variables are supported:


%IMG%        for the thumbnail image

%IMGMINI%        for a small 150*150 pixel preview

%IMAGE%        the actual image file

%MASTER%         the unprocessed file as attachment

%IMGYYY%        year the image was taken

%$NAME%        other, self-defined variables - only if parameter checkvar="1


%LINKMASTER% creates a complete link to the original file - if activated using INCMASTER and used with registered version of fotoARRAY

%LINKJPEG% creates a complete link to a large JPEG - if activated using INCJPEG and used with registered version of fotoARRAY



Parameter of the loop variable:


loop="1"        "1" is required for the variable to be used as a loop

edit="0"        "0" is required so that it is not displayed as an input field

visible="0"        "0" is required so that it is not displayed in the dialog

checkvar        "1" optional - allows then to use variables as inline variables (with %$...% )

maxcount        maximum number of runs

groups=        $ROWCOUNT,$COLCOUNT optional to create a nesting of 2 groups


Elements of the loop variable:


<title> </title>                        this text will be displayed in the fotoARRAY dialog, not required for loop variables

<title lang="German"> </title>        This text will be displayed in the fotoARRAY dialog if the language is set to "German".

<default encode="0">....</default>        The contents of the loop, with inline variables.

<start>....</start>                        Output before the loop.

<next>....</next>                        Output between passes.

<end>....</end>                        Output after the loop.


In case groups=... was used, start/next/end is ignored and these elements are used instead. The number of the group (0...) is specified explicitly.

<groupstart group="0">...</groupstart>  

<groupend group="0"></groupend>


This example produces output grouped by year.



It uses the variables ROWCOUNT and COLCOUNT as well as BGCOLOR which must also be defined in theme.xml.


The content of <default> is critically dependent on the StyleSheet used for the template.

In any case the characters < and > must be coded as $lt; and &gt;. Images are included via %IMG% etc. as described.