Image Galleries


fotoARRAY can also create image galleries in the licensed version, which can be uploaded to a website. You are not limited to simple HTML galleries, but can also create very complex code.


This also makes it possible to create web sites which do not depend on external libraries.


This is possible because of the technology in fotoARRAY which works similar to a CMS (Content Management System).

Included in fotoARRAY are a few templates which can be used for the transfer to a mobile device, so also for the creation of a gallery.

However, with the licensed version, a self-made or customized template can also be loaded from a folder.


A gallery template for fotoARRAY is always based on at least one HTML file (index.html) and the template description theme.xml.

Additional files, also in subfolders, are possible without any problems.

To change index.html or theme.xml you should use an editor that can save in UTF8, e.g. Notepad++.


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